The symbols of power in Aaiyyanism have been known in the past to heal the sick and bring prosperity and fortune to those who meditate on their power. In the tradition of Aaiyyanism the spiritual adept focuses his mind until total mind expansion has been attained - the state of Aaiyyan. In this higher mind state the Guru artist then draws the symbol though his mind either onto the patient (invisibly via hand/mind motions) or more traditionally onto paper, stone, and now canvas though the medium of paint. As the guru paints, transference of prayer and chanting and fractions of his psychic love are inter woven onto the canvas to form a spiritual mesh that will ward against negative energies and draw in positive forces throughout the universal realm.

It takes around over 15 years to learn the techniques and meditation required to master the Aaiyyan painting techniques shown below. Neophytes, however, have been able to heal minor illnesses only after a few months training - such is the universal power of Aaiyyan.

The receiver of the painting (or healing) clears his mind of all thoughts and visualizes the symbol in front of him/her. The symbol then encloses the mind of the the viewer and draws in the positive energies that the symbol has signposted. Negative forces should then dissipate. The viewer meditates on what he wishes to aspire to. Finally after a few minutes the viewer, then refreshed will be able to function 'normally' (i).

A list of symbolic paintings are shown below hand painted and blessed on either Guru Gauda Paper or Guru Prajapati Holy Cotton Canvas.

Below are the basic symbols of Aaiyyanism for your own information, however, if you would like to learn about deep complex Aaiyyanist Symbols of Power, Magic and Healing please email the foundation at - or see the register section. The complex imagery deals with binding other planes (Lokas) with this one in order to facilitate energy transference, which in turn can be used to affect the physical and spiritual.

The Base Symbols - These are the lower symbols dealing with materiality.

cekari 1. The Cekari Symbol (Security) - The first base symbol used to achieve and attune the basic necessities such as food, shelter and other issues dealing with personal well being.

gava 2. The Gava Symbol (Sensation) - The second base symbol used to attain pleasurable sensations of all kinds - including attraction, love etc...

alavu 3. The Alavu Symbol (Power) - The third base symbol used to increase your personal power and wealth.

The Symbols of Joy - these are the symbols that begin to lift the neophytes out of the karmic cycle.

arivu 4. The Arivu Symbol (Love) - The first symbol of joy enabling you to reach a state where you see everyone in yourself and begin to love unconditionally. Meditation on these symbols allows one to transcend subject object relationships and see the world full of harmonies and acceptance.

tuma 5. The Tuma Symbol (Perfection) - The second symbol of joy enabling you to perceive the world a perfect and you begin to live in the hear and now. You free your mind from its emotional-backed demands and you begin to liberate yourself.

The Enlightenment Symbols - these power symbols allow the adept to transcend themselves and truly liberate their soul-forms.

tanu 6. The Tanu Symbol (Self Awareness) - The first Enlightenment Symbol enabling the viewer to impartially observe themselves and others.

vitu 7. The Vitu Symbol (Cosmic Awareness) - The second Enlightenment Symbol enables the viewer to transcend self awareness and become pure awareness. You become one with all - peace, love, death, life, wisdom, beauty.

If you would like some of the higher paintings (the secret symbols that when meditated upon can unlock the hidden mind and the universe; expand your higher energies, unlock you latent psychic abilities and increase concentration and memory) - please contact the Aaiyyan World Foundation.