The Central School of Aaiyyan founded by the first Guru Dattatriya in 1467 BC teaches willing students the wisdom of Aaiyyan and the 12 Gurus (including Dattatriya) that evolved His Teaching.

The School teaches the ancient wisdom of the Dravidians translated into Sanskrit by Guru Dattatriya (and now translated into English by Guru Jnanadipa Bhariri and then revealed to Guru Udaiyan via the divine revelation. The wisdom contains the secret knowledge of the ancients (also known as the seven keys to the Universal Gate). Note: The school teachings and study guides will soon be available online to download in the form of E-books.

1. The Twelve Rings of Aaiyyan - a guide to reaching spiritual enlightenment, breaking the karmic cycle and achieving Moksa in your present incarnation.

2. The Secret Rituals of Vaidya - To enable on to heal (both physically and spiritually) oneself and others, using one's mind, latent psychic abilities as well as medicinal herbs and the power of touch.

3. Advanced Studies into Samdhya - Meditative techniques enabling one to engage in ethereal projection (transference of feelings/emotions) , psychic projection (transmigration of the mind) and astral projection(visual and semi physical transmigration). Other readings include breath control and longevity exercises.

4. The Hidden Teachings of Azakti - Which can lead to a life of material wealth and power. (Some schools only teach this knowledge to adept students, due to the undisciplined mind's propensity to engage in material and sensual satiation).

5. The Force of Vazya - Advanced mind control techniques to control yourself, others and the environment.

6. The Robe Readings - Incantations, chanting and powerful throat vibration techniques to enable one to reach a higher state of meditation and to facilitate balance of the Chakra points.

7. The Illusion of Ketana - This is the most powerful art of Aaiyyan. The ancient secret symbols of power that can unblock the doors to the universe. (The symbols of power and their healing, magical and soul shattering properties are now available on canvas - hand painted by Swami Agastya and Swami Uttara who between them both have over 60 years experience in Aaiyyan. Both are master adepts who will channel their power and transmigrate their will from themselves into the work - and then into you - to reawaken your soul and break the karmic bonds that bind you to sickness, frailty, ill luck and other mortal woes. Be prepared for liberation. See Spiritual Symbols for more information.)