The Aaiyyan World Foundation is based in Tamil Nadu in India; though we have numerous followers and supporters from around the world: including the USA, Europe, South America and Africa. The Aaiyyanists live in the spiritual plane, not the material one so all our work is free and we do not hold any physical assets such as money or property. We rely on the goodwill of our supporters and the many volunteers who work for and with us. To avoid sectarianism between the various schools of thought, the best way to contact us is via our email address: We look forward to hearing from you. Also, our privacy notice can be found here.


This site is created by Aaiyyanists (with the help of Aaiyyan World Foundation) to create a web presence for Aaiyyanism and allow a forum for Aaiyyanists and Non-Aaiyyanists worldwide to discuss and debate and share ideas and ideals. We do have this website hosted currently for a small charge, but that may change in the future and we sometimes need the expertise of professional web developers and new machines. Also, we are always looking for new forms of promoting the faith (without trying to be too egotistical about it). If you would like to support us financially - please become a supporter on our Patreon page. You will also have access to high resolution images of Lokas created by High Level Aaiyyanists. More details can be found here:

Hope this information helps you... and us... become one.