Aaiyyanist philosophy has a wide range of spiritual and scientific techniques to enable one to have a long and healthy life, and to eventually facilitate liberation from the endless cycle. There are numerous strands to this school of thought including:

Aaiyyanist Talismans- The Aaiyyan Talismans are very powerful Hindu Magical Symbols that allow the user to wash away negative karma that has been accumulated in their previous lives. As Aaiyyanists we believe that accumulated bad karma leads to our present condition of sickness and poverty, so by washing away this negative energy we can uplift ourselves both physically and financially to live a productive life. The Aaiyyanist truly know that money cannot buy happiness, but lack of money and poverty do lead to an unhappy existence. Let us help you alleviate these problems with our Aaiyyanist products and services. These talismans are available in the products section.

Aaiyyanist Yoga- The Aaiyyan Yoga techniques to create an unbreakable physical and spiritual force inside the user.

Aaiyyanist Meditation- Extreme mind control techniques using various meditations/thoughts to achieve a closeness with Brahman that cannot be surpassed.

Aaiyyanist Devotion - The symbols, mantras, rituals and charms used in achieve devotional oneness with Brahman and physical and spiritual healing.

Aaiyyanist Cookery - In the Aaiyyaninst tradition all food and drink are eaten in blessed earthenware containers according to the rites of Kanyakubja. This leads to the food and drink being purified before entering the spiritual abode that is your body. This has been said to cure all manner of ailments pertaining to digestion.

The Secrets of Aaiyyan - Advanced topics dealing with time/space travel. Soul projection. Cosmic meetings with higher soul-forms. Conversation with The Brahman. (Contact the Aaiyyanist foundation for more information.)

Most of these techniques are summarised in the Aaiyyan Accent by Guru Kendra Jnanavajra Marichi (4 AD see the book section). In this manual to healthy living, mediation and mantra induction, Marichi leads the reader on a spiritual journey though his own body and beyond. We (at the Worldwide School of Aaiyyan) recommend this manual to any follower of the path.