Like most Hindu religious orders there are rules and fundamental principles that the Aaiyyanist adept needs to adhere to. Below, is a list of the main rules of the Order. Further details and more in depth regulations and guidance can be garnered by emailing the Aaiyyan World Foundation.

  • The Aaiyyanist Order is fundamentally opposed to any form of missionary work, preaching, forced conversion or evangelising. We consider these acts to be ego centric. Even mentioning that you are an Aaiyyanist can be considered as sectarian, as is promoting the Aaiyyanist ideals - and as such is an act of self-glorification. Thus, the Aaiyyanist must never tell anyone outside the order that they are an Aaiyyanist or reveal the names or identities of any other Aaiyyanist.
  • The Aaiyyanist Order is a teaching order only and its sole purpose is to teach Aaiyyanism and 'The Universal Truth' to humanity.
  • However, many Aaiyyanists historically have had a surname ending with Aiyan (English translation) since the 1st century AD and the foremost practitioners with the prefix Ud; so in certain parts of Southern India one usually knows when one is in the presence of an Aaiyyanist. A forename beginning with the english 'Dhl' sound may also indicate Master status.
  • Aaiyyanist are recruited from those enlightened souls that find their way to the Aaiyyanist order. This is usually the case for souls that are fully along the path to salvation in this life and in previous lives and are either finding Aaiyyanism for the first time or have been an Aaiyanist in their previous lives. The Aaiyyanist World Foundation does not actively recruit new members. New members come to the order from their own volition.
  • The Aaiyyanist order exists in the spiritual plane and not in the material world, but the order can accept donations and sell products in order to further the Aaiyyanist cause and spread the teachings.
  • We are a Hindu spiritual order of Masters, Gurus, Swamis, Acharyas and lay people. We accept people of all races, sexes, castes and sexual orientation in the order and this has been the case since the very inception of Aaiyyanism almost 3500 years ago.
  • As we exist in the spiritual plane, in order for some actions to be performed in the material world there are some Aaiyyanist who choose to work also in the physical plane in order to further the cause of Aaiyyanism, i.e. in creating websites, printing books and producing the Aaiyyanist talismans and products.
  • The Aaiyyanist Hindu must never chastise, preach or tell people how to live their life. They must lead by example by existing in a spiritual, meditative realm and never condemn the lifestyle of anyone as this again would be an egotistical act. We can never praise any act either as this would be a form of promotion of an ideal. The Aaiyyanist must be neutral.