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Here is a description of Aaiyyan Stones and their power. Sanchita is the accumulated Karma from all our lives but we cannot experience it all in one lifetime, so we only experience a portion of Karma called Prarabdha which manifests itself as problems in our present life. Kriyamana is the Karma that we produce in the current life and this flows into Sanchita Karma and thus shapes our future and future lives.

Aaiyyanist's (the masters of Jnana Siddhi Yoga) believe that the soul has been dirtied by negative accumulated Karma throughout its previous lives (Sanchita). Good deeds wash the negative Karma away but cannot penetrate the deep seated negativity that has been buried deep in the soul from the acts of previous lives. This negative Karma attracts negativity in the form of either entities (Asuras, Rakshasas, Daityas, Danavas etc...) or a bad Destiny/Fate/Future for the soul.

This negativity in the form of Asuras and Fate leads to physical manifestations in the form of disease and sickness as well as financial insecurity. But the Aaiyyanist's have developed a method that can cleanse the soul of this negative Karma, which in turn can lead to good health and good fortune. The Aaiyyanist truly know that money cannot buy happiness, but lack of health, money and poverty do lead to an unhappy existence.

Aaiyyan stones have the ability to store the power of the symbolic scriptures that that can bring positive Lokas (dimensions/planes) closer to our plane of existence in order to facilitate resonant energy transference. This energy transference can be cast/transmuted into material and spiritual power in order to perform certain actions as designated by the Loka and the symbols. In other words a high level Aaiyyanist can inscribe onto the stones the symbolic power of the Lokas and the resultant energy can be harvested by an adept or low level Aaiyyanist without a loss in energy. The stones can also be passed to others to help them, as if the high level Aaiyyanist had blessed them directly.

As revealed to the Aaiyyanist Gurus, this method, using Aaiyyanist blessed stones has a history of use for over 3500 years and has evolved over time to this finished set of products. In fact many of the most successful people in India and the world have been blessed by the use of Aaiyyan Stones and Aaiyyan to dispel negative Karma and become both successfully spiritually, financially and physically. The Aaiyyanists have perfected this method of spiritual inscription and only high level Aaiyyanis have been chosen to produce the inscription on the stones, so the potential stored positive energy transfer inside the stone can be quite powerful so must be used with care. If you are a follower of Aaiyyanism you must know that the ancient symbolic Dravidian scriptures has the power to connect with positive Lokas (dimensions) and repel negative Talas.

For the first time ever, the Aaiyyanist Foundation will make available the Aaiyyan blessed Stones for the wider general population (not just the select few). This has actually been a recent development and the final decision was made in the yearly Aaiyyanis Chamber meeting in early 2014.

Hindu Aaiyyanism is about empowering the individual. You do not need to rely on someone else to heal you or your family and friends. You do not need anyone to banish Asuras (demons) or deflect curses (negative energy directed from a Mantrika). You do not need anyone to find love or have someone direct the power of love energy to wash over you in order to harmonise your life. We hope that these Aaiyyan stones used in the correct manner will be sufficient to aid you and your family for many years to come.

History of the Yantras

Here is a brief history of the Aaiyyanist Hindu magic system as revealed to Guru Dattriya by Swami Aaiyyan – the incarnation of Murugan. The information given below is mostly revealed in the texts given by the 3rd and 6th rings of Aaiyyan – the Ancient Texts of the Aaiyanist Hindu faith. It was said that Swami Aaiyyan revealed to Guru Dattriya the truth of the ancient humans who existed several thousand years before the Cera dynasty (before Sri Alagumuthu et al) - around 15,000 BC. This was a time where the Dravidian lands was actually ruled by the Dravidian Aaiyyanists and then deposed by the distant ancestors of the Kalabhras called the Kalaiyyans. These ancient relations of the Kalabhra were said to have then formed a great Kingdom within the heart of the Dravidian Lands, but of an evil persuasion. Of course, in the ancient Dravidian Hinduism traditional good and evil are subjective – they are all part of the universal OM, however it is said that these rulers broke a sacred taboo and thus destroyed their ancient kingdom.

According to Aaiyyanist tradition these Aaiyyanists and the Kalaiyyan rulers were skilled in using the magic of the ancient Hindu Dravidian symbols, which were able to unlock the boundaries between the physical world and other spiritual dimensions in order to affect the physicality of this plane - via a process of energy resonance. Of course this is described in the ancient texts (not just Aaiyyanst texts but the Cholas and Pandya scripts) as Lokas whose maps are stored in the Akashic Records. As an aside, these symbols are said to be closely related to the Harrapan script, but the Aaiyyanist historians formulate that the Dravidian scripts (or symbols) to unlock the gateways are very much older. The Aaiyyanists claim to have kept this secret knowledge to this day and have collated all the ancient Dravidian magical symbols from this era. To explain the full meaning behind the symbols would take many volumes, and in fact there are several volumes by the great Aaiyyanist historian UdDelvyan that give a good grounding in the subject. But to summarize: the symbols represent an ancient Aaiyyanist script that the Aaiyyanist rulers used as tallikA’s (keys) to unlock the pathways to the different dimensions (or Lokas). Once these dimensions are opened the power can flow between Lokas and this world resulting in a transference of resonant energy that can affect the physical and spiritual dimensions both in this world and others. There is a law of transference that dictates that energy from one realm (Loka) is removed and transferred equally to this world and can be used (via the symbols) to change the physical.

The spiritually inscribed symbols (Onnuyaani Yantra) in the set of Aaiyyan stones presented here (and in other products) were said to have originated by Guru King Advaiyyan, but other Aaiyyanists say that the symbols originated from other Gurus/Saints. You may read other Aaiyyanist texts that say that these symbols originated from the 3rd Guru. Whatever the history – these symbols have been used for several thousand years and have been proved effective over the ages. The spiritual inscriptions written on the stones are in the standard Aaiyyanist form which is in fact a historical amalgam of the Aatmaani and Kaaryakartaa scripts. There are many different forms of the individual scripts depending on your school, but we have decided to put the standard forms – so apologies to any Aaiyyanists from other schools if they feel that their forms should be presented. To non-Aaiyyanist or beginners, the scripts are slightly different in form but convey the same meaning. The most varied scripts are between the SainikaH School and Parishaantaa School, but most of the schools agree to the general form (e.g. to an English writer it could be like the difference between 'and' and '&' - though this is an over simplification).

For example the Ancient Aaiyyanist symbols TaColvian will protect you against most curses from all traditions. In Hindu Aaiyyanism a curse is an incantation, a reverse blessing or a ritual act that breaks down the barriers to between dark Lokas/Talas that contain either negative energy or Asuras to pass through to bring harm. If someone has cursed you in a range of traditions the Aaiyyanist believe that the curse can be dissipated or reflected by these symbols. The writing or scripts presented in these symbols are said to write out spiritually a path to positive Lokas that have the ability to dissipate bad/negative energy. Also contained are symbols honed by an Unknown pupil of Guru Dwivedi who was said to have great skills in the Abhichaara (Tantric) arts and could reflect Asuras back to their own domain. So the combined scripts here have the ability to both reflect curses and dissipate them. The scripts/symbols that are used to compose TaColvian are in fact the key to unlock the door to the TaColv Plane that deals with aspects of one of the most important positive dimensions. The way the symbols are arranged (or inscribed) is a key for a particular lock that once unlocked pulls a small amount of energy (in this case positive) that is directed into our plane and into us. The symbols (or ancient Aaiyyanist script) is positioned in such a way as to only unlock small amounts of this energy – so that it builds up inside the body and soul (atman) gradually. In fact most of the symbolic images in the stones set release the energy slowly in order to build up resonantly - the reason being is that the human body and this physical plane cannot deal with huge surges in energy – the energy will either be dissipated quickly or harm. Thousands of years of study have come to the conclusion on how the script is positioned and even how it is spiritually written down in order to minimize power surges and allow the energy to build up slowly and effectively. To re-iterate – the scripts are the representation of the ancient Aaiyyanist Dravidian language written in a symbolic script that can be used to unlock the various Lokas to pull (resonate) energy from various planes to this one in order to change the physicality and spirituality of the user and their surroundings. In a nutshell it can be simply explained that energy from other Planes can be used to affect the energy and material in the one we live in.



As a trial run - we will be making available a complete set of stones and instructions for at least a year and then review the progress and general spirituality of the Foundation, to see if it worth continuing or moving into other fields. Also, we think that making these powerful stones available to the general population could be quite dangerous due to the powerful spiritual cleansing they perform and there might be cases where an undeserving soul become rich from their use. This was debated quite thoroughly in the Foundation, but we concluded that only spiritually enlightened souls will come to our site and purchase our products. Indeed, it is thought that undeserving souls will not even be able to purchase the products as their negative Karma and personal Asura will prevent them from doing so. Having said that we finally compromised and decided that we will allow the products to be available for around a year and then we will review.


Using the stones is very simple as the hard work has been carried out by the high level Aaiyyani Master. The stones act as a magnet to draw positive energy into your general surroundings so the Aaiyyanist adept can simply keep the stones near to them at all times to enjoy the positive effects. Many Indian businessmen and women carry the stones on their persons and so in the Aaiyyanist tradition we have provided small pouches for the stones to be carried in.

Another method that has proven effective in the past is to simply hold the stones in your hands and meditate for a short while and feel the negative karma being eliminated from you. You can do this twice a day - once first thing in the morning, and the last thing you do at night. You must do this every day until you feel the karmic block has been lifted. Only you who are in tune with yourself can determine this, or high level Aaiyyanist practitioner can guide you. Regardless - holding the stones every day in the morning and night should begin the cleaning process as well as keeping the stones about your person.

Many Aaiyyanists also keep the stones underneath their bed as they sleep. As positive energy rises and negativity sinks in Aaiyyanist doctrine, simply having the stones underneath you will invigorate you after a good nights sleep. Many people have felt the power of falling negativity as they sleep, which is one of the reasons people feel less depressed after a nights rest only for it to come back in the early morning. With the stones present in the vicinity, the negativity that falls away from you will be saturated by the rising energy from the stones and the corresponding positive Lokas. The energy of the Lokas is infinite so as you begin to resonate with their energy so shall you begin to feel the effects of the positivity in your everyday life. Many Aaiyyanists in the past use the stones in this manner if they are looking for love or marriage - or are having issues with their current relationship. They simply place the stones underneath the bed and allow the negative karma to dispel as they sleep.

So to reiterate, to enjoy the benefits of the stones, keep them with you. Have some in your house, under the bed, in the garden, in the kitchen etc... and give them to your friends and family. The spiritual inscription is carried out by an Aaiyyanist master using the ancient rituals, but once they have been carried out the stones will then act as a gateway to positive Lokas which you can utilise for your own benefits. As you keep the stones with you - you will begin to resonate yourself with the Loka and you will gradually dissipate the negative accumulated Karma in your life to nothing. Depending on how much negative Karma you have this could happens in months or years so please be patient, but we have found that the positive effects can be felt almost immediately.

Remember though, the physical inscription on the stone in paint is just a signature for the spiritual Loka that has been inscribed on the stone. It is just a label and can wear out in time. The spiritual inscription cannot be worn out and is inscribed directly into the stone's aura via the Aaiyyanist ritual carried out by the Master. So if the paint fades there is nothing to worry about, the stones will still retain their power and link to the respective Lokas.

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