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Aaiyyanist Public Directory

Here is a public directory of Aaiyyanists that also speak English and have allowed their details to be put on a public register. If you would like to be in the directory please email us on info@aaiyyan.org with your name, level, contact details (that you would like to be made public) and any other details. Please note: traditionally most Aaiyyanists do not wish to be known as this was considered an egotistical act. Aaiyyanism was (and is) considered a personal journey of self discovery and even those that were born and brought up as Aaiyyanist Murugan worshippers did not advertise the fact. But that attitude has changed in recent years and more and more Murugan Aaiyyanists are allowing themselves to be self-identified.

The directory is split into sections that indicate the name of the Aaiyyanist, and their details such as: their public contact details, their website, their area of residence, their Healing and Siddhi Levels, their School, the waiting period before seeing new clients, and any other details. Please refer to the structure page for further details on the various Aaiyyanist levels.

School: Aardra
Name Details
Devdas Aaiyyani Email
Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Levels: Antaraa/Muula Aaiyyani
Schools: Aatmaani, Aardra
Waiting period: 6-9 months
Ram Goswami Email
Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Level: Antaraa Guru
Rolando Corzo Email
Location: New Orleans, USA
Level: Muula Lvl 2
Todd Harmon Email
Tel: (313)464-2805

Level: Muula Lvl 1
School: Abhichaara/Marunatunilam
Available immediately
Zachary Flynn Email
Location: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Level: Muula Lvl 1
Musa Conteh Email
Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
Level: Muula Lvl 1
Prince Balwah Email
Location: London, UK
Level: Muula Lvl 1
ShaCayne Jackson Tel: 678.600.4476
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Level: Muula Lvl 1
Siven Oddaiyyan Email
Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Levels: Muula/Antaraa Aaiyyani
School: Aatmaani
Waiting Period: 1 year
Adedayo Ogundipe Email
Location: Sango Ogun State, Nigeria.
Level: Muula Lvl 1
Udaiyan Contact via the Aaiyyan World Foundation
Location: UK, India, Worldwide
Level: Agra Aaiyyani
School: Aatmaani and others
Waiting Period: 2 years
Gambheer Venkatraman Email
Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Levels: Agra Acharya/Muula Swami
School: Aatmaani
Waiting Period: 6-9 months



If you join us and learn our Healing and Siddhi methods you are free to charge for your service, as many Aaiyyanists around the world do. As a general point the Aaiyyan World Foundation exists in the spiritual plane - not the material one so does no charge for any of its services. However we understand that people do live in the material world and so must have some compensation for their time. So individual healers and Siddhis may charge a reasonable amount for their services to heal and help people. To stop competition between our fellow Aaaiyyanists, we have devised a standardised compensation method and a cap on charges. Each healing/Siddhi session should take 1 hour, and here is a table on the maximum amount (cap) you can charge for each session.

Level Charge/Units per hour
Aaiyyanist Healer - level 1-5 30
High Aaiyyanist Healer level 5-9 50
Acharya - Level 10 - 19 70
Swami Level 20 - 30 90
Guru 40+ N/A
Aaiyyani/Master 60+ N/A

The value of the units depends on where you are. Some guide prices are 1 Unit = $1, £1, 1 Euro, 100 Indian Rupees, 200 yen, 10 Yuan. (Note that these are guide prices only - feel free to use your discretion). You will also notice that the Guru and Aaiyyani have no levels as by that stage they should have the discretion to charge what they think is appropriate. Of course we would prefer that all Aaiyyanist Healers/Siddhis would serve the community for free but we know that may not be possible in all cases. We also do not want everyone to charge any amount they desire - to stop the inflation of Aaiyyanist services which (in the past) have priced people out who need help.

Join us!

If you would like to become an Aaiyyanist member please join us via the contact form below. We can teach you how to heal and perform Siddhi actions to dispel curses and bless people, heal and commune with spirits. We will teach you knowledge that you can take with you in this life and your subsequent ones. In fact we believe that you were an Aaiyyanist in this life and your previous ones so we will help you remember this lost knowledge and allow you to find yourself once mode.

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