Here is a list of some prominent Aaiyyanists from the last century that have forwarded the cause of Aaiyyanist Hinduism and brought great peace and wisdom to the world.

Guru Odayan, Sannyasin, Poet and Artist of the Aatmaani School.

Guru Odayan Guru Odayan was born as "Siven" in Okkur in Tamil Nadu in the year 1876 to the great Aaiyyanist House of Odayan. However, his parents were not very pious and discouraged Siven from learning the scriptures preferring instead to concentrate on a more academic syllabus so that he could follow his father as a accounting clerk. Siven resisted the inclinations of his parents and even when he was a small child, Siven had a great sense of morality, an inquisitive mind and an ability to memorise the scriptures by heart. It is said that he memorised the 12 rings of Aaiyyan by the time he was 8 years old. By the time Siven was 10 years old he started having psychic visions, and out of body experiences. He practised Yoga at a very early age to gain further understanding into his condition and wrote several books on the condition of the soul and the realms of perception.

At the age of 15 he completed his Aaiyyanist studies earlier than his contemporaries and left home to find a teacher to guide him. He travelled up and around India for a period of 40 years meeting several renown Swamis on his journey. It is said he became great friends with Swami Vishwananda Saraswati (of the Sankaracharya order) and travelled with him to Haridwar and Benares. He also briefly met with Vishwananda's student: The great Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh in the Himalayas in the 1920s.

Siven never found his Guru but he finally realised that he in fact was The Guru: The One with Aaiyyan. It was at this point in the 1940s that Siven became Guru Odayan and returned to Okkur and became The Aaiyyanist Guruji. He preached Aaiyyanism, produced wondrous texts and paintings and poems and reintegrated the Aaiyyanist mindstate with the greater Hindu community as a whole. He remained in Okkur until his death/ascension in 1958.

Swami Aadhavan founder of the MaunaM Aaiyyanist School.

Swami Aadhavan, was a Aaiyyanist Swami, teacher and sannyasin. He was born in Tamil Nadu in 1911 in the village of Vandavasi and was brought up as an Aaiyyanist by his deeply religious parents who were following the Harita (green path) and the teachings of Guru Kanyakubja. Young Addhavan however also found a deep spiritual link to the 10th Guru (Sarasvata) and recognized him as his Aaiyyanist mentor at a very early age. In fact before the age of 10 Addhavan used to have visions of the Gurus and Siva, Murugan and Ganesh and showed great skill in the Aaiyanist arts of healing and clairvoyance.

Later in life he dedicated himself to the poor and was for many years the Assistant Swami on 'The teachings of Guru Vithi Telgu', at the DevaNesan's Ashram; Swami at the School of VetriVel and the DuraiKannan's Asham. He founded the Aaiyyanist school of MaunaM in the 1960s and worked in Tibet and Nepal. He died in Mysore on 14th February 2002. There was only one photograph taken of Swami Aadhavan during his lifetime so we thank the MalaiSami Foundation for their kind permission to use it.

Swami Aiyan of the SainikaH School

Swami Aiyan was the head administrator of the Aaiyyani Chamber in Tamil Nadu and had the title of Abhicara Aaiyyani and Chief Agraga Administrator. He was also a leading exponent of the SainikaH School and had the SainikaH title of General. His administrative titles include Dedicated Abhicara Aaiyyani and Chief Agraga Administrator.

Swami Aiyan was born in Pavoorchatram in the South of India. His family was of a humble Aaiyyanist School - one of the Parishaantaa Aaiyyanist minority. Aiyan as a young child was born with a spinal disfigurement which meant that he had trouble standing and walking. He used a large wheelchair made by his father all his life; so as a young boy would be wheeled to the temple and school by his friends and family.

Aiyans mother took the scriptures of the "Accent To The Veil" by Guru Jnanavajra very seriously and especially taught the young Aiyan the beauty of the verse: "Those without food and shelter both spiritually and physically must be fed, clothed, and housed by you - The Pure Aaiyyanist. Duty is everything" Aiyan lived this mantra all his life and helped house and feed the poor. In fact Guru Aiyan would allow anyone in need to enter his small hut and stay and discuss topics such as the Truth and Enigma of Siva, or the Paradox of The Shadow Murugan.

He continued his charitable works throughout his life and set up many Aaiyyanist Schools and Ashrams. He was renowned in his life as a Master Clairvoyant and could communicate fluently with Spirits, Gods and the Inner Aaiyyanists.

He was appointed as secretary of the Aaiyyani Chamber in 1965 and remained in that position until his ascension in 1980. He will be sorely missed by all that crossed his path.