Congratulations, you have reached the site of the Worldwide Spiritually Enlightened Dravidian Masters, and the philosophical teachings of Aaiyyan. The Hindu Aaiyyanists are the foremost masters of Jnana Siddhi Yoga and we want to share our teachings with you.

For the first time in 3500 years the great spiritual secret works of the 12 master Gurus can be read in English. Translated By Guru Jnanadipa Bhariri and then revealed to Guru Ud-Aaiyyan these works are available online to offer you spiritual enlightenment, philosophical discourse, heightening of ones psychic abilities, lifetime success and healing (both spiritual and physical). The fact that you have found this page shows us that you are a special soul chosen to follow the path of Aaiyyan and attain Moksa (enlightenment).

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